Rock climbing in the Algarve offers the unique opportunity to explore the hidden and picturesque Portugal.

Far from the thronging crowds, emerge yourself into the magnificent tranquility of deserted beach crags, hidden forests and secluded sea cliffs.

Rock climbing’s special combination of mental and physical challenges make it an unforgettable experience. At the end you are rewarded with a view no one else can give you and a buzz that will last for days.

With extensive knowledge of all route’s in as well as not in the TOPO guide, you can be assured that we will get you pushing your climbing to new heights safely and in the famous way that only the Extreme Algarve crew know how.

All route’s are bolted and graded.

The climbing trips we offer are:

Rock Climbing for Beginners
For the first time in the Algarve we offer rock climbing for the complete beginner (or those who have dabbled with a bit of indoor climbing) it’s a chance to test both our 11mtr limestone rocks, one just outside Lagos with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and the other rock a stones throw from a secluded beach, both that we have exclusive use of.

Our beginners program offers 3 levels of difficulty on each spot and is perfect for those who would like an introduction to climbing or are beginners. Both climbs are top roping and the rock is graded as a 4A climb. You’ll also get the chance to do some abseiling. Once you have conquered this rock you are ready to go on and try the big stuff.

Rock Climbing for intermediate and experienced climbers.
For the climbers with experience we offer you the chance to sample the best spots the Algarve has to offer. Rocha de Pena in the Algarve offers one of the best spots in the Algarve to climb offering 2-3Km’s of ridge with over 20 different buttresses ranging from grades 3b – 8a.

Finally for the hardcore climber we offer as a guide the sea cliffs of Sagres, which offers over 6 hundred routes all looking out from spectacular cliffs at what was the ‘edge of the world’. On some of these route’s we can also give you the opportunity to try your hand out at ‘guiding’ your first route.

All routes are bolted (sports routes). With the Rocha de Pena and Sagres sea cliff climb we can offer a whole pack, which includes transport, equipment and guide or a combination thereof.

This is how it works.

*Price includes all equipment, guide and water. Transport is organised at select locations in Lagos only, you will be required to provide your accommodation address, mobile contact and a lead name at time of booking. When booking please be as flexible with your dates as you can, it may be that a climb is already organised and is not suitable for your experience level.

*Please note that although we are insured we highly recommend for the advanced climbing that you are a member of the BMC or have personal climbing insurance.

Please contact:

Mobile:00 351 914 656 555


Rock Climbing, Algarve, Portugal

Rock Climbing, Algarve, Portugal

Rock Climbing, Algarve, Portugal