Your jump zone is the Alvor aerodrome, beautifully sandwiched between the magnificent Algarve coastline and the majestic Monchique mountain range with views of Cape St. Vincent in one direction and Spain in the other.

The Algarve is the warmest jump site in Europe in winter and offers the perfect skydiving holiday year round with its clear skies, beautiful beaches, breathtaking countryside and delectable cuisine. Our qualified instructors and modern jump equipment are all you need for us to guide you through a fantastic day out.

The Tandem Jump.

After a brief instruction we fly you up to 4000metres where you will be harnessed to one of our professional instructors. As you make your jump, you then freefall for a good 50 seconds before the parachute opens and you get what undoubtedly will be one of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever witness en-route to the drop zone at the aerodrome. Your whole adventure can also be filmed and edited upon request so that you may never forget one exhilarating second of it.

* Please note minimum age for jumping is 14yrs & weight restriction of 90 KG’s

Beach Landing.

Taking the experience one step further, this fabulous and unique opportunity will see you take off from Alvor Aerodrome, your jump will see you experience some of the best views in Europe and to then land at Alvor or Praia da Rocha beach.

Once again, you have the option to capture your experience on video or photo.

This is how it works.

Our drop zone is at Alvor Aerodrome, approximately 15kms outside Lagos. Please note: you will be required organise your own transport.

At time of booking you will be required to pay a deposit per person to secure your place and we will require preferred date and time of jump, number of people in your party, mobile contact and confirmation that you do not exceed 90 kilos in weight.

The remaining payment will be made directly to the Aerodrome upon arrival at the Skydive Centre.

Price includes classroom tuition, equipment and one tandem jump.

Additionally for the Beach landing, the price includes rescue boat and transfer back to the Aerodrome.

Please contact;

Mobile: 00 351 914 266 832  
Landline: 00 351 282 496 581 


Skydiving, Algarve, Lagos, Portugal
Skydiving, Algarve, Lagos, Portugal
Skydiving, Algarve, Lagos, Portugal