What days do you Kitesurf?
Every day subject to availability from 1st February to 15th December. 

Lessons usually take place in the afternoon as this is when the conditions are best for kitesurfing.

Where and when do we get picked up?
The following are our pick up points;

Vila Gale outside reception (for Vila Gale & immediate area)

Adega da Marina (for Marina apartments, Tivoli)

Jah Shaka Surf Shop (for city centre)

Casa Offshore, Estrada Porto do Mos, Lote 2 – our Kitesurf Lodge (for Aqualuz, Vilabranca,

Carvi Hotel, Montemar Hotel, Dom Manuel hotel, Villas D Dinis, Costa d’Orio and other Dona Ana area).

Our instructors will advise clients of departure times once they have checked the conditions that day.

How big are your classes?
4 people per instructor

Can I upgrade once my course is complete?

How many hours per day can I expect to complete?
Usually 2 to 3 hours per day depending on the conditions.  Our instructor will advise at the end of each day how many hours have been completed.

What can I expect to achieve during my course?
The course details below are a rough outline based on our experience with many different students throughout the years. Of course, how many hours you need exactly to reach a certain level differs per individual. Booking a certain amount of hours therefore does not guarantee that you will reach the level described below. And remember, there is always something new to learn! So even for the naturals amongst you, booking a higher amount of hours will never be a waste.

 3 hour course
Just want to see if kite surfing atarax 25 mg online might be your thing? In a three hour course our instructors will explain you the theory of kite surfing and safety, how to set-up the gear and you will get your first feeling of handling an inflatable kite. A good way to explore this great sport!

 9 hour course
In a 9 hours course our instructors will teach you how to fly the kite comfortably with two hands and one hand. You will practice making speed while ‘bodydragging’ in the water and try your first starts on the board.

15 hour course
Going for the ultimate experience? In a 15 hours course you can expect to be able to fully control the kite and make your first real rides to the left and right.

Please also note that all courses are set and coordinated in advance and cannot be changed on arrival.  If you choose not to take part on the days you have been allocated, this is non-refundable.

What happens if there is no wind on the dates I have booked?
Unfortunately we cannot control the conditions each day but we will get you booked onto the next available day and if you are not able to complete your course due to the conditions, we will issue a pro rata refund for these uncompleted hours.

What does the price include?
Return transport from Lagos to the Alvor Lagoon, Board, Kite, Harness/Bar and Lines, Wetsuit, Water and lessons.

Do I need to bring anything?
Please bring something warm to wear after your lesson as it can get a little chilly if your session finishes early evening!