Surf ‘n Stay
Surf ‘n Stay Packages
Full Pack includes: 7 nights accommodation, 5 day surf course and equipment, complimentary breakfast, picnic lunch on surf days, beach transfers
Discounts available for 14 nights!

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Kite ‘n Stay

Kite ‘n Stay Packages

Full Pack includes: 7 nights accommodation, 6, 9 or 12 hour group kite course, complimentary breakfast, transport
Discounts available for 14 nights!

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Go Surfing

Surfari’s (pp) includes: beach transfer,  lessons with equipment plus complimentary picnic lunch

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Go Kitesurfing
Includes all equipment and beach transfers. Prices for group course.

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Just accommodation (per night) includes: complimentary breakfast and use of all facilities
Off Peak Only!

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